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Whenever setting your footstep in Myanmar, where bargain is acceptable, it is common sense that you want to bring back home a little bit of the country. It is not hard to find unique and beloved souvenirs in this charming and affable country. To get more information, you can click: Indochina tours Myanmar


Longyi-Burmese traditional dress

Longyi-Burmese traditional dress- source: internet

A long wrap around skirt worn as one of the most comfortable dress items, Longyi is not only unique in its design but also gives you convenience when wearing. If you want something really Burmese to bring back home, nothing is better than longyi, which is a traditional dress won by both males and females in Burma. A longyi for women is called Htamein while the male version is Pasu. Because of the choice of material, the diversity of garments from the not-so-costly cloth to pure silk, to the intricacy of the design that you choose, the price of the Burmese traditional cloth also varies. In addition, the better your ability of haggle is, the better rate you can get. If your male friends do not feel comfortable to wear this unique dress, let’s give it to your girlfriends and family members. They will definitely love it! Myanmar travel and tours

When coming to Myanmar, you will have no difficulty finding a place to buy this special souvenir in some tourist cities like Mandalay and Yangon. A popular destination for a 1-day trip from Mandalay, the township of Amarapura is famous for its excellent options of traditional silk and cotton weavers.

Burmese embroidered tapestry – Kalaga


Kalaga- source: internet

Also called as Kalaga, the traditional Burmese-style embroidered tapestries done entirely by hand can be used as the decoration item for your house’s interior or a decent gift for your families and friends. Adding subtle elegance to your living room, beautiful tapestries generally made from cotton, metallic threads on linen, embroidery, beads, silk, colored stones, small pearls are on top of the most sought-after shopping items in this country.

Mandalay is considered as the best place to find the highest quality kalagas in Myanmar. Besides, in Yangon and especially in Bogyoke Aung San Market, you can find a wider selection of unique tapestry designs with the price ranging from USD $5 to even USD $65. Instead of being only used as what it is, now, it is also used in the form of tapestry shoulder bags, which still are traditionally made by hands but remain the aesthetic value.

Since handicraftsmen have to sew these lovely metallic threads into their position by hand, the number of days needed to finish a kalaga tapestry can be different, few days or even few weeks, depending on its sizes and the intricacy of the design. The quality, age, condition, materials, design, size and style are several factors that the prices take into account. In general, the expensive kalaga is which has many sequins and intricate embroidery. This piece of art deserves one of the prettiest places in your home.

Sand Paintings

Burmese sand painting

Burmese sand painting- source: internet

As sand painting is a subtle art form in Bagan, it is certain that Bagan is where you can find the widest range of this beautiful item. However, if you miss its hometown, you can head to Yangon or Bogyke Market. However, expect the smaller quantity on sale.

When it comes to mastering place of the rare art of sand paintings, Myanmar is the name well worth the recognition. Through these replicas of Bagan-era murals, you will easily gain the knowledge about the Burmese people, their cultural life or even Buddha. Sand paintings cost anywhere from USD $8-$16, the more you buy, the better discount you can get. Depending on the number of colors and the complexity, it takes between few days to few weeks to complete a traditional sand painting.

Sand painting artist

Sand painting artist- source: internet

You can get around to find a lot to choose from as each seller has his/her own sets of paintings. Some are images to be found on the walls of stupas while others are scenes from Inle Lake or photos of monks on U Bein Bridge or in the region around Bagan.

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