Big-four destinations – the best places to visit in Myanmar

This country of natural wonders provides huge diversity for travelers, whether you are looking for a tropical getaway, another day in the land of over 2,000 stunning and unique pagodas and temples of Bagan, or something adventurous in the Inle Lake. Don’t miss an opportunity to explore all that this city has to offer!Stuck for travel ideas for your tour in Myanmar in 2018? This quick list will give you some advice on what the best places to visit in Myanmar are so you can start adding them to your travel bucket list! Don’t get worked up about the order; the list of top destinations in Burma is random, not by ranking.

Bagan – a land of over 2,000 stunning and unique pagodas and temples

There is no specific reason to make the year 2018 the time you visit Bagan – except that this Northern Myanmar city – the capital of the first Burmese empire is just freaking great. It is “one of the finest sights in the world” – described by Marco Polo – an Italian merchant, explorer, and writer, born in the Republic of Venice.

Bagan is one of the best places to visit in Myanmar! A friendly and vibrant place with historic sites, more than 2000 unforgettable, magnificent, and unique ancient temples scattering over the city, much smaller number of travelers than at other major Myanmar’s attractions, affordable accommodation, and exciting festive time, everywhere you visit as well as hsi gje khau hswe – a cold noodle dish with garlic oil and shredded chicken, delicious curries, Myanmar crispy bean salad or tea leaf salad – a type of light, tart, and spicy salad made with raw veggies and lime juice, and cheap beers, everywhere you go. What more do you need on your tour in Myanmar in 2018?

In addition to a spiritual and historical journey, a must-do activity in the place away from the humdrum of the city is an awe-inspiring sunrise hot air balloon ride over the unique city of Bagan – a one-of-a-kind chance to admire the unrivaled majestic of thousands of towering monuments and ancient temples and ruins.

Yangon – one of Southeast Asia’s grittiest cities

Yangon – one of Southeast Asia's grittiest cities

Yangon – one of Southeast Asia’s grittiest cities

It should really go without saying. Yangon is Bagan’s big brother, so it would almost be a crime not to visit Yangon, get Shwedagon Pagoda – the biggest site out of the way first, then explore its fair share of colorful street markets and dive in most of its cultural authenticity during your holiday in the land of Buddhism of Burma.

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However, this is not all that Yangon offers beginners — not British architecture, not European-style pagodas, not the China town, not even Thadingyut Light Festival and Thingyan Water Festival. This is Yangon that speaks to travelers all over the world, one of Southeast Asia’s grittiest cities that waits beyond the well-explored site limits of the 2,500 gilded stupa of Shwedagon Pagoda, Chaukhtatgyi Paya – the Reclining Buddha – an extremely huge lying Buddha structure in Chaukhtatgyi temple, and the Kyauk Taw Gyi pagoda known for its enormous marble Buddha image.

Only a 15-minute ferry ride from the downtown Yangon, the paddy fields of Dalla are a world away from the hustle and bustle and one of the best reasons to visit Yangon.

Inle Lake – a world of floating veggie gardens and villages on stilts

Life on Inle Lake

Life on Inle Lake

Reasons to visit Inle Lake – the shallow, 13.5-mile freshwater lake? A two-day trek around the stilt villages for a real experience, a stay on the over-the-water hotels, a mouthwatering meal on a floating restaurant, a boat trip to soak in the unique image of Intha fishermen who maneuver their boats by only one leg with magnificent scenery as background, a visit to these astounding stupas on an overgrown hillside behind a small Inle Lake restaurant, a closer look into the daily life of local artisans in a major Myanmar weaving center, etc. – there is so much to name!

Mandalay – the cultural and Buddhist center of Myanmar

Located some 435 miles North of Yangon and about 112 miles Northeast of Bagan, Mandalay is the land of golden pagodas, temples, and scenes so rich in vibrant colors that make you feel like stepping in another world. Flying away for the working holiday to a new city, exploring its hundreds of pagodas and monasteries, its wide lanes filled with bicycles and motorcycles, taking the impressive sunset photos from U Bein bridge – the world’s longest teak bridge, or just visiting the world’s largest book, are such a great way to unwind and escape your stressful daily life.

No doubt your journey to Mandalay for your working holiday is as exciting and memorable as what you could have expected at a Myanmar tour in 2018.

Even though Myanmar feels like it is far away from everything, there are some really amazing destinations to really extend your backpacking around this beautiful country in Southeast Asia. Let’s begin your Myanmar holiday with the big-four destinations!


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